Here’s how some of our students rated the course:

Practical Philosophy is a great course. The guidance of this course has enriched my experience in both my personal and professional life. It has helped me to slow down, increase self-awareness, and observe my thoughts and feelings. This has made my interactions with my clients more productive and my relationships with others more meaningful. To be able to access this knowledge and then apply it is exciting and I look forward to continuing the course.
– JK

With regard to the Practical Philosophy classes, I have found a simple way to slow down, reconnect and therefore focus on the work at hand. I have been able to re-prioritize tasks in a way that I have found to be more productive and the tasks I have undertaken have been of better quality, requiring less time (not having to do things over due to mistakes) and leaving me free to move on with the satisfaction of a complete job done well.
– KM

I did not realize philosophy could be so useful in everyday life. It’s beneficial and enlightening! I can’t wait until the next class. Thank you.
– MM

I have been attending Practical Philosophy classes for over four years…and there are always moments where I feel too busy or too overwhelmed with life to participate, but after each class I am absolutely grateful that I went, as there is always something miraculous that happens, and it always rekindles my love for the practices that we do. It’s the only reason I stick with my goals and not put them off until tomorrow.