Introductory Course

Metal SculptureThis 8-week course of philosophy offers an entirely practical approach to the study of philosophical principles that have transformed mankind’s appreciation of its fundamental nature.

It draws from great eastern and western streams of understanding and introduces powerful principles in a way that can be immediately applied to the situations we all face.

Session 1:

The Wisdom Within

What is Philosophy? Why study Philosophy?
Introduction to two very practical exercises in awareness.

Session 2:

Levels of Awareness

Waking up to new knowledge.
How often and for how long are we awake?

Session 3:

Attention and Listening

How can we increase the power of attention and realize our full potential?
What you give your attention to grows.

The difference between hearing and listening
Breaking habits of unnecessary speech.

Session 4:

Beauty: A New Way of Seeing

When awareness and attention are open, how far can we see?
Where is Beauty? What is beauty itself?
A practical investigation based on Plato’s Symposium

Session 5:

Universal Forces and the Mind

Universal forces and their effect on our daily lives.

The power of the mind and how to use it effectively.

Session 6:

Who Me? : A Remedy for Negative Feelings

Who is the center of attention?
What can be done about the negativity that limits our awareness and happiness?
Introduction to a time-tested remedy for negative feelings. How can we wake up more often during the day?

Session 7:

Self-Knowledge: What Am I?

How can we wake up more often during the day?
Am I this body? Mind? Heart? Is there more?
Self-knowledge through observation: If you can see it, you can’t be it.

Session 8:

Unity in Diversity

What is the ultimate aim of this study?
“Widening our circle of compassion”.
The philosophy of non-duality.